I.  Her Seniority… Luke 2:36b,37a

–  Anna was a prophetess

No small distinction, placing her alongside a chosen few such as Miriam, the sister of Moses, and Deborah.  Anna was a woman with whom God spoke.

–  Anna was of the tribe of Asher

The women of this tribe were noted for their beauty and talents, consequently, they were deemed a suitable pool for royalty and the high priests in their search for a bride.

–  Anna was a woman of “great age”

How old do you think she was?  Was she 84?  Or was she at least 102 (84 years widowed + 7 years married + at least 12  when she got married)?

–  Anna was in the house of God… waiting for Him.

II.  Her Solitude… Luke 2:36a

“… there was one Anna”

Given her background, that designation is all the more significant.  Her tale is one of sorrow, married for just 7 years before her husband dies, leaving her as a young widow.

One would imagine a beauty from the tribe of Asher would soon find another husband, but not this beauty; she remained single until her dying day.  She determined to live alone… to live as one.

Actually, better than that, she gave herself to God.  She chose to live a life of single-minded devotion to the Lord.

God doesn’t want everyone married, nor does He want everyone single.  But, for some people, singleness is their chosen path.  A single person can often serve God in ways married people cannot; see 1Cor. 7:32-35.

III.  Her Service…  Luke 2:37b,38

How did she serve the Lord?

–  Prayer

Do you ever think of prayer as “service” to God?  How can prayer be a “service” to God?

–  Fasting

The word “fast/fasting” appears 60+ times in the Bible.  Fasting is always a matter of preparing oneself to come to God.

*  Fasting enables us to lay other things aside in order to concentrate on God.

How often do you give God your full attention?

*  Fasting purposely sets aside time for God and prepares us to concentrate on Him.

When you and I CHOOSE to fast, knowing what our objective is, what we are saying is, “God is even more important to me than food!  I want to hear Him; I want to know Him; and I want to know what He is saying to me.”

*  Fasting is God’s chosen means.of focus.

Anna understood that, so, for 84 years, day and night, she made prayer her business… and God rewarded her for it.

–  Praise

Simeon was blessing the birth of Christ.  Anna entered into that scene with heartfelt thanks; this is what she had been praying for, and this is what she had waited for God to do for over 84 long years.

How long are you prepared to wait for the Lord?

–  Profession

She “spoke of Him to all that looked for redemption in Jerusalem“.  She bore witness to all who would hear the Savior had come.


Like Anna, we often patiently go about the daily routines of life.  But, maybe you’re waiting for God to reveal a more exciting plan for your life.  Ask God to show you the potential that could be… even in a time of seeming insignificance.  You have the potential – even today! – for meaningful and effective service for Him.

*  God can make every passage in life meaningful.

You can read Anna’s story in Luke 2:36-38.


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