Jairus was a “ruler of the synagogue”, which means he was probably in charge of arranging the services for the local synagogue each Sabbath day.

You’ve surely seen ambulances racing at high-speed; sirens blaring and red-lights flashing.  Why are they allowed to go through red lights on their way to an accident or emergency, or on the way to the emergency room of a hospital?  Because life is fragile… and life is precious… and every second counts when it comes to saving life.

That is surely what Jairus was thinking when he came to Jesus, fell at His feet, and begged Jesus to come and heal his dying daughter.  We don’t know how many other remedies Jairus tried before he decided to try Jesus.  But he evidently saw Jesus as his last hope.  And Jesus agreed to go with Jairus.. but, Jesus didn’t seem to have the urgency Jairus would have wished.

We are perplexed by Jesus’ reaction to Jairus; imagine how Jairus must have felt!

But, Jesus didn’t always see things the way we see things.  And, He evidently didn’t see that situation the way Jairus surely saw the situation.  The pressing crowd made things difficult.  Then Jesus stopped… and took the time to find out who had touched His clothing in a crowd, and healed the woman who did.  There is no urgency mentioned concerning Jesus’ pace.  There is no mention that Jesus is concerned they wouldn’t reach the girl in time to help her.  And, even when someone told Jesus along the way that Jairus’ daughter had already died, no mention is made that Jesus expressed any despair.  Jesus overheard what Jairus had been told; he told Jairus to keep his faith: “This is not the time to lose faith, but to trust.”


These words Jesus spoke to Jairus ought to be words for us to hold on to, as well.  Fear always makes the outlook hopeless, but trust in God keeps hope alive.  Those who trust in God often find they get back what they thought they had lost.

*  The antidote for fear is to trust in God.

The Bible doesn’t record Jairus’ reaction, but he may have even wondered whether Jesus even cared about his daughter.  But, Jesus didn’t respond that way because He didn’t care about Jairus’ daughter; He responded that way to show how much He really did care!  There was no need to worry.  There was no need to hurry.  God was in complete control of the situation!

When Jesus finally arrived at the home where the girl was, He simply made His way to where they had laid her… and took her by the hand… and raised her to life again.


Such is the power of God – and the reason that we, too, can always find great assurance and peace in Him.

You can read the story of Jairus in Mark 5:21-43 & Luke 8:40-56.


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