I.  Her Disease

For 12 years, she had suffered bleeding from her uterus.  Slowly, constantly, abnormally.  Don’t confuse this with a normal menstrual cycle; this was something abnormal… and serious.

Imagine… it must have seemed hopeless.  Maybe she felt ashamed (we don’t even like discussing her situation in mixed company almost 2,000 years later!)… embarrassed.

See Lev. 15:19-27.  Not just her “unclean”, but also anyone she touched!  She was cut off from society.  She was banned from religious activity.  She was to be separated from her husband (if she had one), and her family (if she had one).

She was UNCLEAN!  Alone… for 12 years.

II.  Her Determination

She fought her way through the crowd, and touched the hem of Jesus’ clothing… believing this would heal her.

We can only assume she had tried every other known cure… every available doctor.  But she was still alone.  She was surely, by now, a case study in low self-esteem.  She was considered a nothing by society… and maybe, by now, in her own eyes.

Society said she should not have been in that crowd that day.  Her “issue” was supposed to isolate her.  But she was desperate.

Maybe she thought Jesus would never touch her… so, she reached through the people and touched Him.


You probably know people who have “issues”.  Do you have an “issue”?  Most of us do.  But, if you had your “issue” for 12 years, what would that do to your faith in God?

Jesus is the answer for your “issue”… just as He was for hers.

III.  Her Deliverance

–  The Cure… Immediately, her bleeding stopped.

–  The Concern… Jesus turned around, wondering who had touched Him.

–  The Confession… Every eye was on her.  Jesus’ eyes were on her.  And the woman admitted it was her.

–  The Commendation…  Jesus saw the woman; He saw her desperation… her hopelessness… her need… and her faith.

Jesus assured her it was not His clothing that healed her; it was her faith!  Then He sent her on her way.


How do you think her life was different from that day forward?  How has your life been different since your faith was rewarded in Jesus?

You can read the story of this Sick Woman in Matthew 9:20-22; Mark 5:24-34; Luke 8:43-48.


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