Think back to last Christmas.  You probably had good intentions of keeping Jesus the main thing… reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas all throughout the day.  But, it happened as it seems to happen every year; we focus on plans and preparations and busyness, we focus on family, we focus on food, we focus on gifts… and Jesus gets crowded out.  Remember how easy it is to get distracted from Jesus as we take a look at Martha.

Martha was the sister of Lazarus and Mary.  The 3 of them lived near Jerusalem, in a village town called Bethany.  Because of their friendship with Jesus and their close proximity to Jerusalem (only a few miles), Jesus regularly stayed with them while He was in the area.

On one of these visits, Martha worked hard at serving Jesus and got frustrated at her sister, Mary, who sat listening to Jesus instead of helping Martha with the work.  Martha was probably a perfectionist; agonizing over the details, checking her to-do list, scurrying from here to there making sure everything was just right.  And, maybe she was overly stressed by Jesus being their guest.  But, her priorities were clearly out of whack.  The Lord of the universe was in her living room… and she was in the kitchen, frantically concerned about making sure the meal was just right!

Jesus gently rebuked Martha, telling her she was not choosing the most important things: spending time with Jesus.


As believers, we should make sure we always keep the main thing the main thing… spending time with Jesus and enjoying Him.

*  Don’t let the “urgent” things of life crowd out the important things.

You can read Martha’s story in Luke 10:38-42; John 11:17-45.


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