Mary is identified in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke) as one of the women who went to Jesus’ tomb after He was buried. Along with Joanna & Salome, she is recognized as 1 of the 3 “myrrhbearers” by the Lutheran Church.

There are 5 passages generally agreed to refer to this Mary (of the several mentioned in the New Testament):

Matthew 27:55,56; Mark 15:40,47… describing the Crucifixion.

Mark 16:1… leading up to the Resurrection.

Luke 24:10… following the Resurrection.

If you were asked to name the followers of Jesus, you would probably first try to name as many of the apostles as you could. But, there were more disciples than that. What about women? If you were to say the name “Mary”, you would probably be safe… there were several:

– Mary, the mother of Jesus

– Mary the Magdalene

– Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha & Lazarus

– Mary, wife of Cleopas

– Mary, mother of James & Joses/Joseph

– Mary, mother of John Mark

What do we know of Mary, the mother of James & Joses? Not much…

– She may have been one of the women mentioned earlier in the Gospels… one of the many women miraculously healed by Jesus.

– She was probably a woman of wealth… and possibly supported Jesus’ ministry behind the scenes.

– She was willing to be openly, obviously, associated with Jesus.

Following Jesus’ death, there were 2 women named Mary – Mary Magdalene & this Mary – who went to His tomb to anoint the body and finish the preparations for permanent burial. They stepped out into the open, possibly – surely? – risking arrest and persecution, while the 12 apostles stayed hidden.

Because of their courage, they became the first witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They, then, ran to tell the apostles the unbelievably good news.


Not much is known of this Mary. She is one of the many disciples of Jesus who goes virtually unknown. Did that make her unimportant? Obviously not!

You may, at times, feel not much is known of you; you’re just one of the many disciples of Jesus who goes virtually unknown. Does that make you unimportant? Definitely not!

Be faithful today to do your part… that which God has given only you to do.

* God’s applause is the only applause that really matters!

You can read the story of this Mary in Matthew 27:55,56; Mark 15:40,47; 16:1; Luke 24:10.


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