Dorcas appears only briefly in the Bible.  She lived in the small village of Joppa, one of the few port cities of Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea.

I.  The Deeds of Dorcas (Acts 9:36)

Dorcas was a Godly woman who performed many wonderful works of faithfulness during her life.  She was a witness of God through her life, from her generosity with her possessions to her own labors of love.  She made clothing for the poor widows in her town, and was seemingly always doing good.

II.  The Death of Dorcas (Acts 9:37)

She became ill and died.

While Peter was ministering in the nearby city of Lydda, he received word from some believers from Joppa that Dorcas had died.  These believers led Peter to Joppa to see for himself what had happened.  We’re not told what they expected peter to do; it’s possible they simply wanted someone of the stature of Peter to pay his respects for their beloved Dorcas.

When Peter arrived at Joppa, some of the mourning widows showed Peter some of the clothes Dorcas had made for them.

III.  The Deliverance of Dorcas  (Acts 9:38-43)

Peter sent everyone from the room where Dorcas was lying, and prayed to God.  Then, he turned to Dorcas and told her to get up.  And she did!

Peter raised her back to life… during her own funeral!

News of this amazing miracle spread throughout the small village, and may people believed in the Lord as a result!!


Who makes your church function well?  You can probably think of a few who make life in your church miserable… but who is responsible for the ministry and work of the church being done well.

Speaking as a pastor, you might expect me to say the pastor is responsible.  You’d be wrong.  The pastor is responsible to lead, but the bulk of the work of ministry is done by many faithful people quietly doing good work and obedient service… people like Dorcas.

Do you know someone in your church – man, woman, boy or girl – who quietly and gladly serves like Dorcas did?  Show your appreciation to them in some way… even today!

You can read the story of Dorcas in Acts 9:32-42.


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