I. The Openness to God’s Word (Acts 13:4-7)

On what is considered the “First Missionary Journey”, Paul, Barnabas, and Mark shared the gospel, and their message was well-received on the island of Cyprus… especially by the governor, Sergius Paulus.

Luke records that Sergius Paulus was an intelligent man. He called for Paul and Barnabas so he could hear the word of God. He wasn’t seeking the oratory skills of those early missionaries… or a sign like Herod was seeking of Jesus. This governor wanted to hear God’s message from God’s messengers. Satan could see this clearly… and already had someone in place to be an obstacle.

II. The Opposition to God’s Word (Acts 13:8-11)

– The Blasphemy of Elymas (v.8)

Elymas (Bar-Jesus was his Jewish name) was a false prophet and a sorcerer who tried to prevent the governor from accepting Christ for his salvation. Elymas was clearly a non-believer; Paul referred to him as a “son of the devil“. His intent was to prevent this seeker from hearing or believing the word of God.

– The Blindness of Elymas (v.9-11)

Elymas was blinded by the judgment of God, through the hands of Paul. Paul confronted the one standing in the way, head-on, with the power of God.

III. The Obedience to God’s Word (Acts 13:12)

The governor became a believer. In fact, the display of God’s power concerning Elymas was the tipping point! Satan’s attempt to stop God only confirmed to the governor the power of God!


If God wills it, it will be done. That’s what makes God God!

You can read the story of Elymas in Acts 13:4-12.


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