On his 2nd Missionary Journey, Paul visited Corinth…  Acts 18:1-17.

–  His Friends in the City  (v.1-3)

–  His Faithfulness in the City  (v.4,5)

Paul continued to preach the gospel to Jews and to Gentiles.

–  His Foes in the City  (v.6,12-17)

*  The Unbelieving Jews Abused Him  (v.6)

*  The Unbelieving Jews Arrested Him  (v.12)

*  The Unbelieving Jews Accused Him  (v.13-17)

They brought Paul before the Roman governor, Gallio, and charged him with blasphemy… but Gallio refused to try the case.

–  His Fruit in the City  (v.7,8)

Many were saved, including Crispus, the leader of the Jewish synagogue!  At first glance, we might assume only Gentiles responded to Paul’s preaching on his missionary journeys.  But, the Bible makes clear that many Jews became believers, also.  Crispus is an example of that…

Crispus was the ruler of the synagogue in Corinth, meaning he was the leading elder over the synagogue.  After Paul preached the gospel at Athens, he traveled to Corinth, a very wealthy port city in southern Greece.

As was Paul’s usual practice, Paul began his ministry in a new city by making contact with the local Jewish synagogue.  He spent several weeks preaching there, explaining that Jesus is the Messiah.  Eventually, though, some of the Jews became angry and abusive toward Paul, leading him to direct his primary preaching to Gentiles.

One person caught in the middle of this conflict was Crispus, the leader of the synagogue.  Paul’s message had affected him.  And, when Paul was forced out of the synagogue, Crispus was faced with a choice: he could stay in the safety of his religious position, or he could openly declare his faith in Jesus.  He chose the latter!  And his choice to trust Jesus eventually became a family decision!!  His whole household also became followers of Jesus!!!  Paul baptized him… and them!!!!

Luke attributes Crispus’ public faith to the rapid growth of the church in Corinth.  His decision opened the way for others to trust Christ.

Crispus and his household must have continued in the faith, because Paul later made reference to him in 1Cor. 1:14.

History tells us Crispus became a bishop/pastor of Chalcedon… and that he was martyred for his faith.

–  His Father in the City  (v.9-11)

God, Himself, reassured Paul in a vision.


People who step out in faith are rarely alone for long.

*  You may not know what difference it will make, but others will be watching your life today.  Live for Christ!

You can read the story of Crispus in Acts 18:1-17; 1Corinthians 1:14.


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