As we are memorizing a Scripture verse (or verses) each week this year, we focus this week – week 2 – on Exodus 20:2,3.

There are several hundred commandments in the Torah (the first 5 books of the Old Testament), but the Big Ten… the 10 Commandments… are found in Exodus 20.

Our Founding Fathers in America based many of our laws and much of our Constitution on the laws and principles taught in the 10 Commandments… despite what some modern secularists might say. The 10 Commandments have served as the building blocks of most every civil and decent society for more than 3,000 years.

Any reasonable, thinking person understands the importance of rules and standards in our daily lives.

Can you imagine a football game without sideline boundaries? Imagine a game in which the running back could avoid a tackle by leaving the playing field, run up the stadium steps, go out through the parking lot, enter the stadium through a different entrance, cross the end zone by the back side instead of the playing field, and score a touchdown. Would that make any sense to you?

Imagine public buildings built without any building codes… Would you feel safe riding up and down elevators that were designed, constructed, and hung by your next-door neighbor? With no regulations concerning your safety?

Imagine a train that decided it would be “more free” to derail itself and cross fields of grass rather than staying on the tracks… How far would a train like that go?

In the same way, God’s boundaries are good for us… God’s regulations are for our safety… and God’s best for us is discovered when we stay on track.

Join me this week as I memorize the 1st Commandment… Exodus 20:2,3. And, if you’re feeling ambitious, maybe you want to memorize the other 9, too!


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