Our memory verse(s) for this week are Exodus 20:2,3.  Each week, I am memorizing verses… and I hope you will join me.

These verses are important because they share with us the 1st Commandment.  And, if you really get the first one right, the rest will follow!

If these 2 verses were all we had to learn about God, we would learn:

– God is Present… “I am…”

And, no matter where you are, He is.

– God is Personal…  “the Lord your God” 

God desires a one-on-one relationship with you.

– God is Powerful… “Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”

Here, as He introduced the first commandment to us, God reminds us of the awesome things He has done for us in our past.  He probably has not brought you out of the land of Egypt… or a house of bondage.  But, He possibly has brought you out of some tough stuff.  And, if you have allowed Him to, He has brought you out of bondage to the slavemaster called Sin.

– God is Pre-eminent… “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

God deserves – and demands – to be #1 in your life.  Not just first place of all the gods, but the ONLY God!

Is God first place in YOUR life?


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