God desires you to be successful!  In fact, God even shows us how it can be done!!

– It Involves a Constant Practice

The challenge is to think and live God’s Word “day and night”.  To “meditate” on it.  To allow it go over and over and over again through our mind and heart… to allow it to permeate our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

– It Involves a Completed Purpose

Why should we want God’s Word to be such a part of our lives?  So we can “observe to do all that is written in it.”

Reading the Bible is great… but anyone can do that.  Obeying the Bible is what God desires!

– It Involves a Conditional Promise

“If… then…”  This is a conditional formula we see all through Scripture.  “If” we obey God’s Word “then” we will have good success.  Partly because God will bless obedience.  But, partly because living God’s principles naturally produces good results!

As you memorize these verses, meditate on what you’re reading… and obey what you’re reading.  Then, you will have good success!

As you memorize these verses


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