Each week, we are memorizing a different Scripture verses – or verses.  This week’s memory verses are the 6 verses of Psalm 23.  And this week is almost done… so how are you doing?  Do you have them memorized yet?

In this psalm, David uses the metaphors of a shepherd & his sheep, and a host & his guests to describe God’s care for His people.

–  The Shepherd & His Sheep  (v.1-4)

God takes care of His people like a shepherd cares for his sheep.  He provides for them.  And he renews their strength.

–  The Guide & the Traveler  (v.3,4)

God guides His people.  He guides them along right paths.  He protects and comforts them.

–  The Host & His Guests  (v.5)

God takes care of His people like a host cares for his guests.

–  The Doctor & His Patient  (v.5)

He anoints his head with oil.

–  The Prophet & the Promised  (v.6)

He shows them goodness and unfailing love.

Keep at it.  You can memorize these 6 verses… and you will be glad you always have them with you.


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  1. Jessie High says:

    yep I do. I like staying in one passage all week.

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