Each week, I have challenged myself to memorize Bible verses. This week’s Scripture verses are Psalm 37:4,5.

In this wisdom psalm, written by David, he reminds us of a great life-plan. Or, if planning your life seems to ambitious a project for today… how about making these verses your plan for today! Just one day!! These 2 verses are a great way to start each day.

In these verses, we are reminded to:

– Delight in God

Are you delighting in God? Does His will for you make you happy?

Don’t misunderstand this verse… This is verse DOES NOT say God promises to give us what we want if we delight in Him. Instead, it DOES say our heart will learn to delight in His delights when we delight in Him.

So, try to enjoy the things God enjoys today!

– Commit to God

Are you committing your way to God? Every path? Every step along every path?

Are you determined – as an act of your will – to live in God’s will?

Pick out a general part of God’s will and do that today. Pick out a specific part of God’s will for your life and do that today!

– Trust in God

Are you depending on God? In everything? For everything?

Are you allowing yourself to take-faith risks that might result in you being in a predicament that requires you to trust in Him? Too often, it seems we – as Christians – spend the majority of our time trying to live in a comfort zone. It’s tough to have to trust God when we are determined to stay in our comfort zone.

So, do something that stretches you today!

A great way to start each day is found in these verses: Delight in God, Commit to God, Trust in God!


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