Each week this year, I have challenged myself to memorize a verse (or verses) of Scripture.  This week’s memory verse is a great one!

When Jeremiah passed these words on from God to His people, it was a dark time in Israel’s history.  God’s people were in exile, and the people were feeling hopeless.

And, in the midst of their frustration and hopelessness, God spoke words of clarity and hope.

God has Plans for their life.  What did God’s Plan include?

–  God’s Plan includes Prosperity.

Prosperity did not mean “financial gain”… but spiritual gain.

–  God’s Plan included Protection.

God was watching out for them… and He watches out for us.  Sadly, too many people think God is just out to get them.

–  God’s Plan includes Promise (hope and future).


So, what is to be our reaction to God’s Plan for our lives?

–  Call on the Lord (v.12) to help you find His will for your life.

–  Seek the Lord (v.13) as you seek His will.

–  Allow the Lord to Restore You (v.14) in those times you stray from His will.


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