Each week this year, I am challenging myself to memorize a Scripture verse (or verses).  This week’s verses are verses of great encouragement for those who are tired.

Matthew 11:28-30

“Come to Me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest to your souls.
For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”

People today seem so beaten down by the everyday struggles of life. They seem so very tired and weary. It is so bad, it has brought on a new illness called “chronic fatigue syndrome”. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people today that suffer from this disease… a disease of our time and culture. Doctors can actually do little about the problem if you suffer from it; about the best they can do is prescribe sleeping pills and muscle relaxers. Wouldn’t you rather find a cure for your weariness? We find the cure in this week’s memory verses.

I. There is a Problem we all face (v.28) “…all you that labor and are heavy laden…”

We all labor, and we are all heavy laden with something. We are tired and weary physically, mentally, and emotionally.
– The Everyday Bothers of life weary us.
– The Enormous Burdens of life weary us.

II. There is a Promise we are all given (v.28) “Come to Me…and I will give you rest.”

– His Godly Nature insures us He can make His promises good.
– His Good Name insures us He will make His promises good. See Revelation 19:11.

III. There is a Prescription we are all pointed to (v.29,30)

Here it is, the part so many have been waiting for; the prescription for our weariness… yet we are perplexed by what is said. We are not told we need more leisure time. We are not told we are to take a vacation. We are not told we need bed rest. Instead, we are told we need to be yoked!

The yoke is the key to our rest. For so long, we have been trying to work alone and we have worn ourselves down. It is now time to put on the yoke and get harnessed together with Christ; for the yoke that is mentioned is a double yoke. It is a yoke likened to the yoke of the oxen where we see two yoked together. While we may feel we need a hammock, Christ says we need the yoke.
The yoke is important for 2 simple reasons:
1) The yoke is a place of Labor.
The problem with us is not that we must serve some master or perform some task; the problem is really what master we serve and what tasks we perform. Here, Jesus is inviting us to work for Him and with Him. When we take the yoke of Christ, we soon learn what is important work and what is not. We learn that what we do for Him totally eclipses anything else that we could do. When we begin duty in the yoke, we have assurance that Christ is looking out for us and we worry less about the other less trivial matters of life. In the yoke, we find restful activity.
2) The yoke is a place of Learning.
We are invited to learn of Him in our text. Could there be a better situation for learning than when we are yoked together with Him? The problem many of us face today is that we know so little about our Lord. His desire is that we would have a full knowledge of Him. We can only learn of Him when we abide with Him. That is one of the important elements of the yoke; it keeps us bound together with Him in a place of closeness where we can be taught.
In the yoke, we learn from Christ how to be patient in suffering, how to walk humbly, how to trust implicitly, how to love intensely, and how to rejoice exceedingly.


Do you have rest today, or are you weary and tired? Have you come to Jesus? He is calling all those who are laboring and heavy laden, and He promises you rest if you respond. Would you come today or had you rather continue carrying the load that is tiring you out?


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