Each week this year, I am challenging myself to memorize a Scripture verse (or verses). This week’s verse is 2Corinthians 12:9. What a verse!

Sometimes I get frustrated when I’m expected to do something I’m not sure I can do. Sometimes I get frustrated when I realize I can’t do what I hoped I could do. I’m sure you sometimes have these same frustrations.

But, this verse reminds us we are not expected to do it. NONE of us! At least, we are not expected to do it in our own strength…

God expects us to do NOTHING without Him! And, those things we can do without Him, are things that are temporary… or aren’t of much significance.

God does not call you because of your strengths. God calls you, knowing your weaknesses, doubts, and insecurities. In fact, God created you with weaknesses! And, since He’s God, He couldn’t have made a mistake.

Is it possible He created you with weaknesses in order to keep you on your knees before Him?

God won’t let you use weaknesses as an excuse for not doing what He’s asking you to do. If God is calling you to a monumental task, then He’ll give you everything you need to complete the task, starting with the Holy Spirit working within you.

The less you think you can do on your own, the more you’ll trust Him! Knowing our weaknesses leads to trusting God’s strengths!!


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