REDEEMED                                                                                       written in 1882

The Story

            Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) didn’t start writing hymns until she was in her 40s… but she sure made up for lost time! Only a rare few in history have written as many songs as Fanny Crosby wrote; she wrote at least 9,000 hymns!!

Fanny was blinded while still a child, due to doctor’s error, but you’ll find no bitterness in her songs. In fact, you will most often joy and longing for the Lord.  “Redeemed, and so happy in Jesus” is not just a line that sounds good in a hymn; it’s the story of Fanny Crosby’s life. She was blinded to the light of this world, but she had a light shining in her soul.

Love is another major topic in Fanny’s songs. She regularly marveled at God’s love: “His love is the theme of my song”.

William Kirkpatrick (1838-1921) wrote the music for her hymn.

There is another tune for the hymn that has become popular in recent years. In 1966, Aubrey L. Butler composed a tune he named Ada, after his home town in Ada, Oklahoma.

In her joyful gospel song, Fanny lists several blessings she enjoyed because of the redeeming work of Christ. We rejoice with her when we sing these words about our salvation.

¤ We are made His children forever (verse 1)
¤ We live constantly in the light of His presence (verse 2)
¤ We are happy in the Lord (verse 2)
¤ We joyfully meditate on the things of the Lord (verse 3)
¤ We have a song in our hearts, even in dark times (verse 3 & 4)

¤ We are guarded and guided by Him (verse 4)
¤ We will be with Him in heaven one day (verse 4)
¤ We will have heavenly rewards and dwelling places there (verse 5)

The Song

            Read this hymn, and – today – rejoice in the redemption of Christ!

Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it! Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;
redeemed through His infinite mercy, His child and forever I am.

Redeemed, redeemed, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;
redeemed, redeemed, His child and forever I am.

Redeemed, and so happy in Jesus, no language my rapture can tell;
I know that the light of His presence with me doth continually dwell.  (Refrain)

I think of my blessed Redeemer, I think of Him all the day long:
I sing, for I cannot be silent; His love is the theme of my song.  (Refrain)

I know I shall see in His beauty the King in whose law I delight;
Who lovingly guardeth my footsteps, and giveth me songs in the night.  (Refrain)

I know there’s a crown that is waiting in yonder bright mansion for me,
and soon, with the spirits made perfect, at home with the Lord I shall be.  (Refrain)

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