LET OTHERS SEE JESUS IN YOU                                             written in 1924

The Story

Baylus Benjamin McKinney (named in hymnals as “B.B. McKinney) (1886-1952) was born in Louisiana. He grew up to attend college, the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, TX; the Siegel-Myers Correspondence School of Music in Chicago, IL, and the Bush Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Oklahoma Baptist University awarded him an honorary MusD degree in 1942.

McKinney served as music editor at the Robert H. Coleman company in Dallas, TX (from 1918-35). In 1919, after several months in the army, McKinney returned to Fort Worth, where Isham E. Reynolds asked him to join the faculty of the School of Sacred Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He taught at the seminary until 1932, then pastored in at the Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth (1931-35). In 1935, McKinney became music editor for the Baptist Sunday School Board in Nashville, Tennessee.

When I attended (and received my Master’s Degree from) SWBTS, my wife and I were members of Travis Avenue BC for a short time, until we were called to Hilltop BC in Weatherford, TX.

McKinney wrote words and music for about 150 songs, and music for 115 more.

The Song

            Read this hymn, and – today – let others see Jesus in you!

While passing thro’ this world of sin, and others your life shall view,
be clean and pure without, within; let others see Jesus in you.

Let others see Jesus in you, let others see Jesus in you;
keep telling the story, be faithful and true, let others see Jesus in you.

Your life’s a book before their eyes, they’re reading it thro’ and thro’;
say, does it point them to the skies, do others see Jesus in you? (Chorus)

What joy ’twill be at set of sun, in mansions beyond the blue,
to find some souls that you have won; let others see Jesus in you. (Chorus)

Then live for Christ both day and night, be faithful, be brave, and true,
and lead the lost to life and light; let others see Jesus in you. (Chorus)


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