ON THE JERICHO ROAD                                                               written in 1928

The Story

In 1928 Don and Marguerete McCrossman penned the song As We Travel Along On The Jericho Road. The title is often shortened to The Jericho Road. I could find no biographical information on the McCrossmans.

A few years after this song was written, in 1933, the song was copyrighted by the Stamps-Baxter Music Company.

The song was first released in 1934 by the Propes Quartet.

The Chuck Wagon Gang recorded the song in 1941, making it a well-known quartet song.  Other performers you might have heard sing the song: Jim and Jesse, Elvis, and Merle Haggard.

The church I grew up in as a teen – Antioch Baptist Church – was known as a singing church.  We sang old hymns; most of the songs emphasized 4-part harmony. This song was one of our favorites.

This song is still remembered and sung today because of that 4-part harmony. The lyrics are not nearly as deep or memorable as the tune…

The Song

            Read this hymn, and – today – imagine meeting Jesus on that Jericho Road.

As you travel along on the Jericho Road

does the world seem all wrong and heavy your load?
Just bring it to Christ, your sins all confess,
on the Jericho Road your heart He will bless.


On the Jericho Road there’s room for just two;
no more and no less, just Jesus and you.
Each burden He’ll bear, each sorrow he’ll share;
there’s never a care… for Jesus is there.

On the Jericho Road blind Bartimaeus sat;
his life was a void, so empty and flat.
But Jesus appeared; one word brought him sight…
on the Jericho Road Christ banished his night. (Chorus)

O, my brother, to you this message I bring;
though hope may be gone, He’ll cause you to sing.
At Jesus’ command sin’s shackles must fall;
on the Jericho Road will you answer his call? (Chorus)


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