HE SET ME FREE                                                                            written in 1939

The Story

            Albert Edward Brumley (1905 -1977) is remembered as one of the greatest gospel songwriters of all time, although many of his hundreds of songs have also been recorded by country singers.

Albert spent much of his early life chopping and picking cotton on his family’s farm near Spiro, OK. But he also learned to play organ as a boy, and at 19 studied at the Hartford Musical Institute at Hartford, Arkansas. He sang in a quartet, but his shyness of solo work prevented him becoming a singer. He turned to writing and, in 1931, after he married Goldie Edith Schell, she persuaded him to send some of his songs to the Hartford Music Company for publication. “I’ll Fly Away” appeared in their book, The Wonderful Message, and they soon asked Brumley for more songs. Soon, all the major gospel acts were singing his songs. He became one of the few writers to have whole albums of work recorded by singing groups.

He established his own publishing company and, in 1948, he also bought the Hartford Music Company. Albert Brumley was one of the first inductees of the Nashville Songwriters’ Hall Of Fame when it opened in 1970, and, in 1972, he also became a member of the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame.

This song, “He Set Me Free”, would rank among the top of his most well-known hymns… and has been sung by many country artists as well as churches.

The Song

            Read this hymn, and – today – examine whether or not you are experiencing the freedom found in Christ.

Once like a bird in prison I dwelt; no freedom from my sorrow I felt.
But Jesus came and listened to me and, glory to God, He set me free.

He set me free, yes, He set me free, and He broke the bonds of prison for me;

I’m glory bound my Jesus to see, for, glory to God, He set me free!

Now I am climbing higher each day; darkness of mine has drifted away.
My feet are planted on higher ground and, glory to God, I’m homeward bound. (Chorus)
Goodbye to sin and things that confound; not all the world can turn me around.
Daily I’m working I’m praying, too, and glory to God I’m going through. (Chorus)

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