WITHOUT HIM                                                                                   written in 1963

The Story

            When Mylon LeFevre (1944- ) was 17-years old, he wrote this song. In 1963, he didn’t know he would try to live the next 17 years of his life, “Without Him”.

Mylon was born as the youngest son into a Southern Gospel family, the LeFevres. He grew up and joined the army, and it was during tough days of learning army life that he wrote this song. While stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, the LeFevres were performing at a gospel convention in Memphis. That weekend, Mylon hitchhiked over 600 miles to get there.  Onstage, singing “Without Him”, he did not know Elvis Presley was there. After the concert, Elvis asked to meet him. Shortly thereafter, Elvis recorded the song for his album, How Great Thou Art, and within the next year, over a hundred artists would record his song. In the army, he was only making $84/month, but, soon, Mylon, still a teenager, had so much money he felt he could actually live without God. He didn’t think he needed Jesus anymore.

Mylon recorded songs with all the big names – including the Beatles to the Rolling Stones – and he started using drugs because “everyone else” was doing it. He became a heroin addict, and it looked as if that teenager who wrote that “without Him life would be hopeless” was proving it.

But, in 1980, The Second Chapter of Acts, a Contemporary Christian musical group, helped Mylon get his life back on track. He begged God for forgiveness and said that, from that time on, he wanted to live with Him and not without Him. His message would become one of newfound hope and about the dangers of trying to live without Jesus.

Mylon LeFevre would become a pioneer in Christian rock… and is still active in Christian music today – though on the milder side of Christian music.

The Song

            Read this hymn, and – today – thank God you’ll never have to live without Him.

Without Him I could do nothing.
Without Him I’d surely fail.
Without Him I would be drifting,
like a ship without a sail


Jesus, O Jesus, do you know Him today…
do not turn Him away.
Jesus, O Jesus, without Him, how lost I would be!

Without Him I could be dying.
Without Him I’d be enslaved.
Without Him life would be hopeless.
But, with Jesus, thank God I’m saved! (Chorus)


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