THE KING IS COMING                                                                     written in 1970

The Story

For Bill (1936 – ) and Gloria Gaither (1942 – ), this is a different kind of song. Many of their songs are easy, sing-along songs, but this song is more of an anthem expressing praise and gladness about Christ’s return. Bill and Gloria loved to write songs of personal testimony and happy songs that brought together the family of God.

Gloria had heard an evangelist speak on the joy of the second coming of Christ. She said, “Previously, I had tended to think of the end of the world as a time of judgment.” But after hearing that sermon, she began to think of Jesus as being “the Master of Restoration – of marriages He had put together, of relationships His hand had mended, and of generation gaps His Spirit had bridged. I saw an image of the coronation of a King, who walked down the corridor of history; I could see lining the corridor throngs of witnesses of His redeeming grace.”

Gloria wrote the words to this song and gave them to Bill to write the music. The result is a hymn that combines simplicity and power, looking ahead to a time of rejoicing with the King of glory.

The Song

            Read this hymn, and – today – imagine the scenes portrayed in this song.

The marketplace is empty, no more traffic in the streets;
all the builders’ tools are silent, no more time to harvest wheat;
busy housewives cease their labors, in the courtroom no debate;
work on earth is all suspended as the King comes thro’ the gate.


O, the King is coming, the King is coming!
I just heard the trumpets sounding, and now His face I see.
O, the King is coming, the King is coming!
Praise God, He’s coming for me!

Happy faces line the hallways, those whose lives have been redeemed;
broken homes that He has mended, those from prison He has freed;
little children and the aged, hand in hand stand all aglow;
who were crippled, broken, ruined, clad in garments white as snow. (CHORUS)


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