JESUS, NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES                                           written in 1974

The Story

One December, Naida Hearn (1931-2001) of Palmerton, New Zealand was making a list of all the names of Christ she knew, some from the Old Testament and some from the New Testament.

When Naida went to do her family’s laundry, she had to go out to the “wash house” behind their house. One day as she went out back to do her wash, she took that list with her and put the list on the windowsill so she could meditate on it as she did the laundry. As she thought about the list, she began to sing. She said God gave her the first line: “Jesus, name above all names”… and the rest came as she continued to sing.

Naida thought she’d better write down those words before she forgot them, so she interrupted the laundry, went back into her home, and sat down at her piano to write it out. While she wrote it down, she asked God, “Is that okay, Lord? Is it alright like that?” She thought she felt God was saying it was fine as it was. That was all Naida wrote, and then she went back to her laundry. It was just that simple.

The Song

            Read this chorus, and – today – proclaim the name of Jesus!

Jesus, name above all names,
beautiful Savior, glorious Lord,
Emmanuel, God is with us,
blessed Redeemer, living Word.

Jesus, loving Shepherd,
Vine of the branches, Son of God,
Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor,
Lord of the universe, Light of the world.


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