OPEN OUR EYES, LORD                                                                         written in 1976

The Story

Every speaker has times when he/she feels like he/she is speaking to a brick wall. Youth speakers might experience this more than most other speakers.

How can God possibly get to a group of people when their eyes and ears are closed? Robert Cull felt that way when he was speaking to a group of young people in a Christian school in Hawaii. As long as he was entertaining them, it was okay… but when he started drawing them to Jesus Christ, he lost them.

Bob felt defeated and wondered if it was hopeless. That’s when God seemed to encouraged him to write a prayer song to “reach closed-hearted people”. After praying about it for half an hour, he says, “the song, like an answer to my prayer, fell into my head”.

Since that time, this song has been translated and recorded in dozens of languages.

Bob went on to become a writer and singer of songs during the Jesus Movement that started on the west coast.

The Song

            Read this prayer song, and – today – make it your own prayer for the people you choose to pray for.

Open our eyes, Lord,
we want to see Jesus;
to reach out and touch Him
and say that we love Him.
Open our ears, Lord,
and help us to listen.
Open our eyes, Lord,
we want to see Jesus.

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