ALL HAIL KING JESUS                                                                   written in 1981

The Story

David Moody was giving piano lessons in Vancouver, British Columbia. His students came for their lessons after school was dismissed around 3:30PM, and, on one particular day, David had some free time before the students were due to arrive. So, he went downstairs, and began to play the piano and just worship the Lord.

He wasn’t really trying to write a song. He just wanted to spend some time in the presence of the Lord. Then, suddenly, a melody began to develop… something David had never played before. And just as quickly as the melody came, some words came, too. And David began to sing those words.

This song is really a song about the second coming of Jesus Christ. David said, “I could just imagine believers all over the world singing this song as Christ returned to earth.”

Once this song was published in 1981, it didn’t take long before reports of Christians singing it in countries all over the world were coming back to David.

The Song

            Read this chorus, and – today – hail King Jesus.

All hail King Jesus!  All hail Emmanuel!
King of kings, Lord of lords,
Bright Morning Star.
And throughout eternity I’ll sing Your praises!
And I’ll reign with You throughout eternity!


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