MAJESTY                                                                                           written in 1981

The Story

Jack (1934 – ) and Anna Hayford were vacationing in England in 1977, the year that country was celebrating the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Everywhere they traveled, from the south country to the northern part of Scotland, they noticed the symbols and sounds of royalty. But, it was after their visit to Blenheim Castle, where Winston Churchill had been born, that Jack began to consider that – if they were awestruck by the royalty of earthly kings – how much more should we be in awe of the King of kings.

Jack, from Van Nuys, California, remembers the writing of this song: “As Anna and I drove along together, at once the opening lyrics and melody of this song came to my heart. I seemed to feel something new of what it meant to be His – to be raised to a partnership with Him on His throne.”

When the Hayfords returned to California, he completed this song. He describes it as a description of the gloriously regal nature of our Savior, and also a statement that our worship can align us with His throne so His authority can flow to us and through us.

The Song

            Read this chorus, and – today – worship the majesty of Christ!

Majesty! Worship His Majesty!
Unto Jesus, be all glory, power and praise.
Majesty, Kingdom authority
flow from His throne,
unto his own; His anthem raise.

So exalt, lift up on high
the Name of Jesus.
Magnify, come glorify,
Christ Jesus the King!
Majesty, worship His Majesty;
Jesus who died, now glorified,
King of all kings.


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