CHANGE MY HEART, O GOD                                                       written in 1982

The Story

Some songs are written in a study, some are written in a home, some in a quiet outdoor setting, and some in other places. But this song was written in a car in the middle of Southern California traffic not far from Disneyland.

Eddie Espinosa was driving to work one day, and he prayed as he drove. He says he wanted to get closer to God, but there were things in his life that weren’t pleasing to God. That’s when he prayed this prayer out loud: “God, do something. I need You to change my heart.”

In the middle of traffic that day, this song came to him and he began to sing it. He says it was almost like taking dictation. He didn’t know what he was singing until he sang it.

He reached for a scrap of yellow paper, and when he stopped at the next traffic light, he began scribbling as quickly as possible. He tried to keep the tune in mind until he got to work. And that night he taught it to a Bible study group that met in his home. A member of that group told their pastor that Eddie had written a song, and soon that song… this song, “Change My Heart, O God”… was known nationally, then internationally.

Since then, Eddie has had a rich experience in worship leading, songwriting and recording with the Maranatha Praise Bands and with the Anaheim Vineyard.

The Song

            Read this Scripture song, and – today – make it your own personal prayer.

Change my heart, oh God;

make it ever true.

Change my heart, oh God;

may I be like You.  (repeat)


You are the potter, I am the clay.

Mold me and make me; this is what I pray.


Change my heart, oh God;

make it ever true.

Change my heart, oh God;

may I be like You.

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