GREAT IS THE LORD                                                                     written in 1982

The Story

Michael W. Smith (1957 – ) has come a long way since leaving his little hometown of Kenova, West Virginia. The son of an oil refinery worker and a caterer, Michael became a Christian when he was 10 years old, but after high school he turned to drugs and alcohol. When he went to Nashville, he continued that same lifestyle while playing in local bands. At the age of 22, he had an emotional breakdown, but during this time he renewed his commitment to Jesus Christ.

That’s when good things started to happen for Michael. As a result of contact with Christian musicians, he began to write Christian music. Then he met Debbie Davis (1958 – ), who became his wife and songwriting partner.

Before writing a song, Michael and Debbie read the Bible together and pray. Since Michael works best at night, and since they now have 5 children, they sometimes write by candlelight. That was the setting when they wrote this song. Debbie focused on the lyrics, and Michael focused on the music.

This song emphasizes the attributes of God – His holiness, His justice, His power, His love, His faithfulness, His truth, and His mercy. Yes, the Lord is truly great!

The Song

            Read this praise song, and – today – celebrate God!

Great is the Lord;
He is holy and just… by His power we trust
in His love.
Great is the Lord;
He is faithful and true… by His mercy He proves
He is love.


Great is the Lord
and worthy of glory!
Great is the Lord
and worthy of praise!
Great is the Lord;
now lift up your voice!
Now lift up your voice!
Great is the Lord!
Great is the Lord!

(Second time through:)

Great are You, Lord!

Great are You, Lord!


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