THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU                                                          written in 1991

The Story

Lenny LeBlanc (1951 – ) hadn’t been to church in 20 years. He figured he didn’t need religion. After all, he had signed a big contract with Capitol Records. As a pop artist, he was enjoying one success after another. Pop music was his life.

Then, late one night, in 1981, he got a phone call from a friend whom Lenny knew as a drug smuggler. That friend said, “Lenny, I got saved! Are you saved?” Lenny had no idea what that word “saved” meant. The friend sent Lenny a Bible and asked him to read it.

Lenny read it. He says that 2 weeks later, “I started crying out to God for forgiveness, and I became born again right there in my house.”

For a while, Lenny was in no-man’s land; he was still under contract to Capitol, but his heart wasn’t into writing pop music anymore. Finally, Capitol released him from the contract, and Lenny was free to write praise and worship songs for Jesus Christ. One day, as a tune and lyrics came to him, he began to cry. That song was this song.

He remembers that a few years later he went to Korea, at a concert where 60,000 young people had gathered. Lenny had planned to introduce this song to the Korean young people, but they already knew it! They sang this song in Korean, without his help. Afterwards, someone told him, “Didn’t you know your song is one of the most popular Christian songs throughout all of Asia?”

This song has beautiful harmony.

The Song

            Read this praise song, and – today – focus on the incomparable God.

There is none like You.
No one else can touch my heart like You do.
I could search for all eternity long… and find
there is none like You!


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