I have become increasingly frustrated with journalism in America today.  It seems more and more “journalists” are merely commentators sharing their opinions… and it is difficult to discern what the truth really is and what the facts really are.

Journalism schools originally taught journalism students basic questions to ask when gathering facts for a news story.  Most of us have known these questions since elementary school.  We ask them everyday, whether we attended journalism school or not.  These questions consist of 5 “Ws” and 1 “H”: “Who?”, “What?”, When?”, “Where?”, “Why?” and “How?”

When I begin putting a sermon or Bible study together, I ask these 6 questions of the text I’m studying.

What do these 6 questions have to do with discipleship?  These 6 questions should be asked by every believer… and every church… when we consider what it means to be a disciple.  These questions MUST be answered by every believer and every church!

  • Who is my everyday mission field?
  • What would an everyday missionary do?
  • When does everyday mission happen?
  • Where does everyday mission happen?
  • Why should a believer even care about everyday mission?
  • How can I share the gospel?

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