This past Wednesday, our mid-week discussion stemmed from Psalm 11.

When David wrote this psalm, he felt he was in a tough spot.  Archers – whether figurative or literal – had him in their sights.  All around and under David, he felt the foundations of society were shaking… crumbling… falling apart.

You could probably cite some moral or cultural issues in our society today in which you feel are point to a world that is falling apart.

What should David do?  What do you and I do?

David was advised to flee in fear from the wickedness around him.  Was this sound advice?

I. The Security of a Believer  (v.1-3)

I’m not talking about the eternal security of a believer’s salvation (although every believer has that).  I’m talking about the security every believer should feel in everyday life!

David was advised to run… to escape… to hide out in some hidey-hole somewhere.  It is right to flee from temptation… but not from duty!  Instead of flying away like a frightened bird, we should trust God and “mount up with wings like eagles” (Is. 40:31).

II.  The Sovereignty of God  (v.4-7)

This is, after all, where a believer’s security comes from!

David referenced just 3 of God’s many attributes:

  • His Sovereignty  (v.4)
  • His Omniscience  (v.5)
  • His Justice/Righteousness  (v.6,7)

Those same attributes of God are still characteristic of God today.  He has not changed.

We find our security in His sovereignty.

Even on Friday the 13th… :o)


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