On Wednesday nights, for our Mid-Week Study, are looking through the Psalms.  Since Wednesday was the 18th day of the year, we looked at the 18th Psalm… and what a great psalm it is!

David wrote this psalm intended to be sung in public worship (and, by the way, 2 songs we sing in many of our churches today come from v.2,3,46!).  It is a general song celebrating God’s deliverance from one’s enemies… but, in David’s case, it meant King Saul in particular.  It was written on the occasion of King Saul’s death, after David had been named king of Israel.  Imagine the relief that David finally felt to know he would no longer be hounded by Saul… that God had sustained him throughout the long chase… and had proven Himself once again to be God.

As David looked back on those difficult years, what did he see?

I.  David’s Delight (v.1-3)

David wasn’t delighted at Saul’s death; I’m sure it was his hope that Saul would come to his senses… literally.  God saved David, protected David, and strengthened David when Saul and his men were out to kill him.

David was delighted in the Lord!

II.  David’s Distress (v.4-6)

David had been threatened with death and had cried out to God for help.

III.  David’s Deliverance  (v.7-49)

–  The Lord’s Arrival  (v.7-15)

Through poetic and majestic metaphors, David depicted the coming of                               God to rescue him.

*  His Appearance  (v.8-11)

*  His Actions  (v.7,12-15)

–  The Lord’s Assistance  (v.16-49)

*  God Rescued David  (v.16-19,43-49)

*  God Rewarded David  (v.20-28)

*  God Revived David  (v.29-42)

IV.  David’s Descendants (v.50)



Think back to a time in your life when you felt you were on the run.

Maybe it was a financial difficulty that was about to catch up with you.  Maybe it was a physical pain or sickness that was about to get you down.  Maybe it was an emotional situation that was overwhelming you.  Maybe it was a spiritual drought that had left you feeling God had abandoned you.

Now that you’ve made it through to the other side, how do you look back on those days?  I hope you can see that time as David saw that time… a time in which God was with you!

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