When you hear the word “missions”, what is the first word that comes into your mind?  A recent study asked this same question; the majority of people said the first word they thought if was… “Africa”.  In fact, some people had trouble thinking of another word beyond that!

When God speaks the words “missions”, what do you think He thinks of?

God’s “mission” is not limited to a geographical place.  And the people of one geographical place are as important as the people of any other geographical place.  So, surely God doesn’t limit His thinking to one geographical place.

In fact, when Jesus gave the commission concerning missions, in Acts 1:8, He commanded us – His followers – to engage with our local community in the same verse He commanded us to go to the ends of the earth!  So the people in your community… the community where you live… are just as much a target of God’s mission as those who happen to live in any other place on the planet.

I wonder what God thinks when He speaks the word “missions”…  Could it be “Jesus”?  “Salvation”?  “Love”?

It might be hard to guess what God thinks of when he speaks of “missions”, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with you and me.  And I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to have something to do with our everyday lives…


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