Last night, in our mid-week study, we looked at the 25th Psalm.  David wrote this psalm, and that great preacher, Spurgeon, said David wrote shortly after the death of his son, Absalom.

You probably remember Absalom’s story.  Absalom was David’s son, and was considered the most handsome man in the kingdom.  Absalom grew up to be a rebellious son, and eventually tried to overthrow David from the throne.  David chose to leave Jerusalem rather than fight his own son… but Absalom ended up dead in the attempted coup anyway (just as an aside, Absalom’s long, flowing locks of hair got tangled in a tree as he attempted to ride under the low-hanging branches and David’s general killed him).

Imagine what David must have been feeling.  Regardless of the relationship he’d had with his son, Absalom was still his son.  He may have wondered, “What do I do now?”

In some way or another… for one reason or another, we’ve all asked that question hundreds of times over the course of our lives: “Now what?  What next?  What do I do now?  What is God’s will for my next step?”

We’d all like to know what the next step should be.  But, what kind of person does God reveal His next step to?  What might we have to do in order for God to reveal our next step to us?  What kind of people does God guide?

  •  Those who Glorify Him  (v.1,2)  If you want to know His will for His glory, He will show you.  If you want to know His will so you can squeeze the parts you like into what you want to do, He may not show you.
  • Those who Wait On Him  (v.3)  You’re not “wasting your time” when you wait on God with a prayerful attitude.
  • Those who Ask Him  (v.4,5)  God wants to show you His ways… and teach you His paths… and lead you in His truths… why wouldn’t He?  If you ask Him sincerely, and then study God’s Word and pray, He will answer you clearly.
  • Those who are Clean before Him  (v.6,7,16-22)  If we’re not ready to do the work required in searching our life for sin, confessing the sin we find, repenting of sin, and asking God to forgive us of sin… then we’re not ready for what He has for us next!  If we’re not living His will with what He’s given us now, why should He entrust us with what’s next?
  • Those who Submit to Him  (v.8-15)  God will not guide rebellious people.

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