In our mid-week study last night, we looked at Psalm 32.

Psalm 32 was written by David, and was intended to be a maschil… 1 of 13 psalms intended to give practical wisdom.  This psalm should be written in conjunction with Psalm 51; both were written after David’s adultery with Bathsheba… and David’s attempt to cover it up with murder… was confronted by the prophet, Nathan.

I.  The Confession  (v.1-5)

God sees the sins we commit.  David tried to cover up his sins on earth, and was able to for awhile.  But he could not cover up his record in Heaven.  When we confess our sins, God wipes the record clean; see 1John 1:9.

  • The Bitterness  (v.3,4)  David described his agony before he confessed his sins.
  • The Blessedness  (v.1,2,5)  David described his joy after he confessed his sins and received forgiveness.

APP:  Notice the progression in v.5… acknowledging his sin, bringing it out into the open, confessing his sin, and receiving forgiveness.

II.  The Counsel  (v.6,7)

David advised the godly to repent of their sins.

III.  The Commission  (v.8-11)

  • What the LORD would do  (v.8,10)  He promised to lead… and to love.
  • What the king should do  (v.9,11)  He should obediently follow God, having no need for a bit or a bridle… and he should openly declare God, and all God has done for him.

APP:  David went from silence (v.3) to singing (v.7) because he was finally honest with God and confessed his sins.


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