This past Wednesday night, we studied Psalm 39.  It was a psalm written by David, and intended to be played by one of his favorite musicians, Jeduthun.

Evidently, David had been praying for God to meet a need in his life… and God wasn’t answering his prayer as soon as David hoped he would.  Though David was growing impatient – and possibly even frustrated with God, he was determined he would not speak critically of God… especially in the presence of unbelievers.

I.  David’s Resolution  (v.1-3)

David made a promise to himself.  He promised himself he would not sin in his speech nor in his actions, especially when the ungodly were present.  It was a resolution concerning his witness.

But, in his attempt to say only good things, he found it easier to simply say nothing… and, by doing so, he had removed his witness from those who needed it most!

II.  David’s Repentance  (v.4-13)

David knew his former resolution was the wrong approach.  Pouting in silence was certainly not the answer.  So, he changed his plan of action; he made a 4-fold request to God:

  • Show me!  (v.4-6)  David asked God to remind him of the frailty of life, and the futility of life.
  • Save me!  (v.7-9)  David knew his only real hope was in God.
  • Spare me!  (v.10,11)  David asked God to stop punishing him for his sin and to hear his prayer.
  • Satisfy me!  (v.12,13)  What David wanted more than anything else was to experience the joy of the Lord.  And isn’t that what we all want most?


There is usually a right way and a wrong way to approach most situations in life.  The right way is always the way that causes us to turn to God quickest… and stay with Him longest.

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