Jesus said we are to love our “neighbor”?  Who is your “neighbor”?  A neighbor is ‘someone in close proximity to yourself’.  In other words, as you head to school or work to begin this week, you are about to come into close proximity with people; those people are your neighbors.

Where do you spend most of your time?  Putting aside those quiet 5-9 hours you might get while sleeping at  night, most of our time each day… every week… finds us in one of three places: home, school, and/or work.  And, most of us spend more time at school or work – away from our families – than we do at home with our families.

Today… and this week… view your school and your workplace as your mission field!

Ask yourself why you – as a believer – are there.  Then, do what God has placed you there to do.  Be salt.  Be light.

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