In our mid-week study last night, we looked at Psalm 53.

Psalm 53 was written by David… to the Chief Musician.  It was intended to be a psalm to be contemplated… and played to a tune on a lute or a lyre.  It is almost identical to Psalm 14.

I.  God & His Foolish Foes  (v.1-5)

What a person thinks about God goes far in determining his/her character and conduct.  David was concerned about the state of humanity:

  • Their Atheism  (v.1a)  Only a fool would deny the existence of God.
  • Their Apostasy  (v.1b-3)  Everywhere David looked, he saw people who were completely corrupt and had turned their backs on God.
  • Their Attacks  (v.4)  They chewed at God’s people the way they might chew bread.
  • Their Annihilation  (v.5)  God will have the last word…


II.  God & His Faithful Friends  (v.6)

  •  The Desire  (v.6a)  David desired that God would rescue His people.
  • The Delight  (v.6b)  When God would eventually restore His people, they will rejoice.

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