You may have never considered yourself to be a missionary at your school… or at your job.  But, you are.

Being a missionary in your school or workplace can be tricky.  We can’t do a Bible Study instead of what we are there to do.  We can’t spend our morning going from office to office or classroom to classroom; we are there to do a job or to learn.  We can’t call everyone together to pray before a big test or before a board meeting.  We can’t stand up to proclaim Christ instead of giving or oral report or instead of telling the crew what needs to be done that day.  Yet, whether it’s school or work – whether you’re paying to be there or getting paid to be there – you are to be there on mission.  So, how do you do that?

It happens “in the gaps” of your regular routine: in the lunchroom, during breaks, as you’re going from one station to another.  We can usually find time to talk about our favorite sports team, the TV show we watched last night, what’s happening with the family.  If we can find time to talk to others about those things, we can find time to talk to others about Jesus.

Did you start your day at school praying for God to open an opportunity for you to be a missionary?  Do you consider your 9-5 job as your mission field?

Wherever you are… and whatever you do… on your Monday through Friday vocation, God has put you there.  And He’s put you there for a reason.  He’s put you there to live out your mission.

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