In this week’s mid-week Bible Study, we looked at Psalm 81.

Asaph wrote this psalm… to the chief musician… to be played on the harp David brought back from Gath.

I.  The Things That Were  (v.1-10)

Asaph exhorted Israel to praise God for what He had done for them in their past… especially delivering them from Egypt.  He even gave 2 reasons for praising God:

  • Obedience… it was commanded by God as part of their feast days.
  • Gratitude… it was the least they could for all God had done for them.

APP:  How often do you look back at what God has done for you in your past?

II.  The Things That Are  (v.11,12)

Asaph complained about Israel’s stubborn independence.  In spite of all God did for His people, they would not listen to His Word nor do His will.  So, God chose to let them have their own way.

APP:  One of God’s most painful judgments is to simply allow us to have our own way.

III.  The Things That Might Have Been  (v.13-16)

Asaph described the blessings Israel forfeited because of their stubbornness.  Their lives could have been filled with blessings… and their obstacles would have been removed.

APP:  They could have looked back over their lives with rejoicing at every point; instead, they had to remember with regret.  But, here’s the hope that’s always available in God… the things that might have been can be today if we will let Him have His way.


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