In our mid-week study this week, we looked at Psalm 95 (because it was the 95th day of the year!).  Here’s the outline we used…

I.  God is Great  (v.1-7a)

This part of the psalm is a call to worship; jubilant worship, not worship as usual.  The psalmist invites us to “shout joyfully” and to “kneel before the Lord”.

APP:  I wonder why we – as believers – don’t do these 2 things more often than we do…

Why are we to do these 2 things?  Because God is great!  He is a great Creator and a great King, and we are privileged to be His people.

We are to praise God for:

  • His Creative Work  (v.4,5)

He made everything… and keeps it going.  Praise God!

  • His Redemptive Work  (v.1-3,6,7)

He is the Rock of Salvation… and the Shepherd of the Sheep.


II.  God is Grieved  (v.7b-11)

The opposite of a worshiping heart that pleases God is a hard heart that grieves God.  Imagine seeing God’s wonders and not submitting gladly to Him!  Yet, we do that much too often…

During the Exodus, the self-willed Jews paid a high price for their sin; they died in the wilderness and never entered the Promised Land.

  • The Terrible Rebellion  (v.8,9)

In spite of everything God did for them, they refused to obey Him.

  • The Tragic Results  (v.10,11)

They struggled and suffered throughout the 40 years… and for eternity afterwards!



Do you want to enjoy your life of faith?  Then take the time to appreciate the greatness of God… take time to praise Him.

Do you want to inherit all God has planned for you in this life?  Then be an active participant in worship and praise.

A hard heart leads to a hard life… so keep your heart soft toward God.


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