In this week’s mid-week study, we looked at Psalm 102 (because it was the 102nd day of the year).

I.  The Psalmist’s Trouble  (v.1-11,23,24)

  • His Plea  (v.1,2,24)
  • His Problem  (v.3-11,23)     He had a problem with:

… his Flesh (v.3-7)

… his Foes (v.8,9) &

… his Friend (who was actually God!) (v.10,11,23)


II.  The Psalmist’s Testimony  (v.12-22,25-28)

The psalmist was about as low as he could feel.  But, through faith, the sound of praise became louder than the sound of pain.

He took the focus off himself and began to focus on:

  • God’s Eternal Nature  (v.12)
  • God’s Compassion  (v.13,14,16,18-22)
  • God’s Eventual Earthly Reign  (v.15)
  • God’s Faithfulness  (v.17)
  • God’s Omnipotence  (v.25)
  • God’s Unchanging Nature  (v.26-28)

APP:  Do you ever feel as the psalmist felt?  We all have!  Some days are just down days.  But, don’t dwell in the down days too long.  Don’t spend too much time focusing on yourself.  Instead, do what the psalmist did… look, by faith, to the Lord.  Things will look different when we compare your situation to God’s situation.

ILL:  Check out the 2 “spiritual sneezes” given in this psalm for your encouragement… v.12,27.  Both of these verses start with a spiritual sneeze: “But You…”

Your situation is temporary; God is forever!


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