As you may have heard by now, I have resigned as pastor of Lonoke Baptist Church (LBC) in order to accept the call to be the Director of Missions at the Faulkner Baptist Association (FBA – Conway & surrounding area).  My last Sunday at LBC will be Mother’s Day morning, May 14.

This has been a difficult decision for me and my family… just as it was when God called us from our last church to LBC.  It’s always difficult to leave good friends and a good situation, even if you’re as confident as faith can be that God is leading you elsewhere.  We have come to view God’s call as more of a transfer within His Kingdom work… as though we are being moved from one “factory” to another… but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy move.

I know many of you are not familiar with Southern Baptists and how our churches might cooperate together.  Some of you may be curious as to what a “Director of Missions” does.  My ministry will consist of:

  • ENCOURAGING the pastors and staff of the churches within the FBA.
  • Helping the pastors of these churches EQUIP the members in their churches to do ministry; this will be done primarily through workshops, conferences, and clinics.
  • ENGAGING the churches of the FBA in mission work and church planting.
  • There will also be the ETC things that are a part of any ministry, and I will be working with the leaders of the FBA as they conduct their ministries.

I will still be preaching… that’s always been my favorite part of pastoring.  I will be preaching in the churches of the FBA… and anywhere else I am invited!

Some of you have been asking me how you can pray for us (and I appreciate that!):

  • Pray that our house in Lonoke will sell… and for a price that allows us to invest in our next home.
  • Pray that we will find the house that becomes a home… somewhere in the FBA area.
  • Pray that Tana (my wife) finds a teaching job in a school district local to the Conway area.  I’ve never met a better teacher, and she loves what she does.
  • Pray that we will find a church there that becomes our church family.
  • Pray that I will be able to adjust to this new ministry; all I’ve known for 32 years is pastoring a local church.

Thanks for caring…



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  1. Devin Coker says:

    Praying for you and Tana. Will you still be posting on this blog?

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