Ah…Vacation Bible School, there’s nothing like it.  Screaming kids, water games, snacks with gummy worms hidden in them.  What kid wouldn’t be up for a week of summer fun?

As we enter into VBS season, I hope our adults and youth are also getting bit with the VBS excitement bug!  Sure, we have to manage all those sugar filled, crazy kids.  But hosting a great VBS is worth the cost!  Here are 6 reasons VBS is a big deal!

  1. VBS gives us the chance to connect with our community!

    Yes, some kids spend their entire summer hopping from one VBS to the next.  But, when they drop into our VBS, we should be thankful!  Each time we connect with a new family, we develop a better picture of what our community is really like.  VBS will help us better understand how to minister to our neighborhoods.

  2. VBS gives us the chance to demonstrate the love of Christ!

    In today’s world, conventional Christianity is becoming increasingly unpopular.  But, the best argument against the stereotype of the “angry Christian” is to love our neighbors.  VBS gives us the chance us to do just that!  As we serve our neighbors’ and co-workers’ kids, we can dispel many of the myths some people have about your church.  Paul encourages us to do just that: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Rom. 12:21).  VBS provides our church a premium stage for wowing the world with the love of Christ!  Remember the words of our Savior, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35).  Let’s highlight God’s love this summer!

  3. VBS give us the chance to fulfill the great commission! 

    Evangelism is not just something missionaries or preachers do.  Nor is it something we do “somewhere else”.  Jesus said all of us are to be making disciples (Math 28:18-20)!  We need to be sharing the gospel in “the uttermost parts of the earth”, but we also must talk about the good news of Jesus in our towns, homes, and ballparks!  VBS gives us an amazing venue for reaching and discipling the kids in our own community!  By participating in VBS, we get to experience the joy of obeying Jesus’ mission call!

  4. VBS gives us the chance to connect with the unchurched! 

    Many kids only come to church during VBS.  By breaking out the wacky games, we can reach the unreachable.  And if it takes playing a few games and sharing a few snacks to earn the opportunity to share Jesus, why wouldn’t we do that?  VBS expands the reach of the gospel into our community!

  5. VBS gives us the chance to work as disciples alongside other disciples!

    Believers tend to get to know other believers best when they’re working side by side in ministry.  I have seen deep friendships grow as people get to know one another by serving snacks, making crafts, doing silly motions while singing songs, etc.  Many people who never really got to know other people in their own church family were able to do so by working in VBS.  As different ages work together… people of different interests work together… maybe even people on different sides of an issue work together… we get to really know one another by working together!

  6. VBS gives us the chance to see people saved! 

    This is the big one.  We do VBS every year because God saves.  We welcome kids to church this summer because God uses VBS leaders to open the eyes of the blind.  And I’m not just talking about the “bad” kids or the unchurched kids.  I was saved at a VBS… and I came from a good family, was in church every Sunday, and was considered a “good” kid!  Anytime the gospel is present, the Holy Spirit can move in powerful ways!  He often works through VBS.  In fact, in many churches, VBS sees more people come to know Christ in a personal way than any other ministry we do in any other week.  In fact, in some churches, VBS sees more people saved in that week than all the other weeks put together!  Let’s hope and pray God uses your VBS to bring many to salvation!


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