Jesus told us to love our neighbors.  When asked to specify who those neighbors are, He implied that EVERYONE is our neighbor.

The greatest act of love from a believer is – of course – to show and share Christ with those who are lost.  And we should be willing to show and share Christ with EVERYONE.

Everyone includes our families!

The largest group of people we interact with on a regular basis are those under our own roofs.  They are our closest mission field, and – sadly – often the most forgotten mission field.  There’s no one with who we share our lives with more than our spouses, our kids, our parents, and our siblings.  Being on mission cannot skip over those closest to us in order to get to those around the world.

After giving the Shema in Deuteronomy 6, God commanded Old Testament Israel to teach these important truths to their children in as many everyday ways as possible.  This sentiment continued throughout the Old Testament, as God instructed His people to make His ways known to their “children and their children’s children”.  Later, in the New Testament, Jesus encouraged children to come to Him (even as His disciples attempted to keep them away).

Unless your family is uniquely blessed, there are likely those within your immediate or extended family who do not yet know Christ.  Some of them may be rejected Christ outright.  Do your best to live on mission with your family.

As we enter into this season of summer of mission trips… and Vacation Bible Schools… let’s do what we can to share Christ.  Let’s share Christ around the world… and in our community.  But, let’s also show and share Christ in our own homes… with our own families!


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