If our family… our immediate family who lives under same roof or our extended family we may see every day, every week, or at family reunions… are those closest to us, then they are certainly those to whom we can most often show and share Christ.  How do we do that?  Depending on the relationship, we can:

  • Be Instructive to Children

When it comes to a parent’s role in a child’s life, he/she is the primary discipler.  Not the pastor, not the youth minister, not the children’s minister… but the parent.  We cannot delegate our child’s spiritual growth to a church, school, camp, or trip.  Others can help, but WE are responsible to teach and model the gospel to our kid.  Remembering Deuteronomy 6, we demonstrate the good news to our children… in everyday ways, using everyday objects and stories.  We help them understand the motives behind disobedience.  We pray for them… and with them… and encourage them to pray themselves.  We explain baptism and communion to them while they watch as we partake.  We read the Bible… sometimes out loud, we have family devotions, we pray.  As the opportunity arises, we explain how much God loves them… and what Jesus did for them on the cross… and why He did that.

God has placed us on mission to those He’s most-closely entrusted to us.  Our own children are part of our mission field.

  • Be Faithful to Adults

In the 10 Commandments, we are told to “honor” our parents.  But, the New Testament also speaks to adult relationships… echoing these words over and over in different ways.  The Bible tells servants how to behave toward their masters (employees to bosses?), wives toward unbelieving husbands, husbands toward unbelieving wives, and every Christian toward those in authority.  As Jesus faithfully laid down His life for us, we are sent to the unbelieving adults in our family.  As Jesus revealed the character and work of God through His actions, death, and resurrection… so we can reveal God’s character through our own words, actions, and death to self.

God has placed us on mission to those He’s most-closely entrusted to us.  Those adults in our family are part of our mission field.


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