Many of you have been following our recent adventure of moving to Conway.  Through many twists and turns, we sold our home in Lonoke… camped out with great friends and family for a week… and signed the papers (hundreds of them!) for our Conway home.  We moved in on Saturday!

As I sit in my recliner (now on the other side of the room), I think of this new home we now live in…

“God… You know how many times we have asked You over the past few months about this event.  We have asked You for wisdom, for direction, and for confirmation… and we have moved forward believing this is the right thing at the right time.  Over the past several weeks, our life feels like it’s been lived from boxes, but things are starting to settle in… and we thank You for that.  We have experienced other larger changes in our life as a family, but change is still change… and change can be difficult.

“On this day, as on other days of transition, Lord, I am reminded of Your enduring faithfulness.  I look around at these still-pictureless walls and feel a sense of gratitude. You will continue to be with our family in this new house.  You will continue to grow our faith in this new house.  You will continue to bring us closer together in this new house. You will continue to dry our tears, hear our laughter, cheer our successes, and love us through our failures; You will do this in our new house just as You did in our last house.  The houses may have changed, but You have not.  You are still God.  You have been with us – and for us – through sickness and health, through joy and heartache.

“If our old walls could talk, Lord, I pray they would give testimony of a family trying to center their lives around faith in You.  And now, as we settle into a new place, I pray for the family that has occupied our previous space.  I pray they might grow as we grew, to have an ever increasing sense of Your greatness.

“For us, Lord, as we move forward, I pray that we might find ourselves in a place where we commit ourselves to the extension of Your grace… not only to each other but to those who walk through the doors of our new home.  Let our new home be a place where the stranger is made into the friend, the lonely have a place at the table, and downtrodden find the joy of hope, and a family has the security of belonging.  May this home, in so much as it can, serve as a reminder of our greater home in Heaven.

“But, at the same time, Lord, I pray You would guard us from being too comfortable.  Keep it at the front of our minds, Lord, that we are not long for this earth and that our true citizenship lies elsewhere.  I pray that – even through the regular frustrations of home ownership – that you would do something redemptive, bringing to our minds the fact that our true security, inheritance, and dwelling is not in a house that needs a plumber, an electrician, or new paint on the wall, but one that will not decay for all eternity.

“May it be so for Your name, for You ultimately are in whom we find our best home.  Amen”


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  1. Jan says:

    Enjoyed reading this. Thanks Bro. Scott
    He is the same even tho our situations change.

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