On Saturday, I woke up… expecting to move more boxes into the home we’ve lived in for 3 weeks.  I expected to empty those boxes, putting things where their new spot would be.  Later on Saturday, I expected to check out the “new” Spider-Man movie, that is now so old it is about to leave the theaters.  On Saturday evening, I expected to study my sermons for the next day… preparing for another Sunday.  That’s what I expected would happen last Saturday.

Then Micah was born.

Micah is my first grandchild.  A girl.  My daughter’s daughter.

My daughter was sure Micah would never come (though she actually came 5 days early).  Life was expected to continue as normal.  But, Micah had other plans.  And, at 6:01PM, after a day 2 families spent together in a hospital waiting room, those plans became a reality.

19 inches long.  5lbs 15oz.  10 fingers.  10 toes.  Petite perfection.  And she already wields such power!  It seems that everything already revolves around her!  Adults act goofy… and talk goofy… and smile goofy.  And, at the first whimper or squawk, everything goes silent… until the adults begin to talk to her in a goofy way again.

And beyond her small world, think of how things have changed with those family members closest to her.  Her birth turned a young married couple into parents… just that suddenly.  And turned parents into grandparents… just that suddenly.  She, without actually doing anything other than being born, began a new generation.  A whole new generation!  Just think of that…

If that’s what Micah was able to begin when Micah was born, there’s no telling what she will do throughout the course of the life still before her!


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