This song, as you’d find it on my iPod, was recorded by New Ground, a trio I heard somewhere… at some point… and from whom I bought a cassette. I’m sure the reason this song stuck with me was because I’d heard my relatives, Rodney and Angalee Rushing and their children sing it in our church… Antioch Baptist Church in Rushing, Arkansas.

I could find no information on New Ground. Nor could I find who wrote this song.
This song was made most popular by the Telestials, a southern gospel group that began in the 1960s.

This song speaks the invitation to salvation given to all people, likening it to one’s final flight to Heaven.
Bible Reference… John 3:3; 5:24; Philippians 3:20; Colossians 3:1-4.

There’s a flight leaving here in the morning;
Destination was charted long ago.
Now, the Captain is ready and waiting,
but the engines are still idled low.
Waiting now for those who still linger,
with unclaimed tickets, free for every man;
reservations secured by the Savior…
for this one way flight to Gloryland.

“All aboard!” the Master calleth from the runway,
for our leaving is almost at hand.
Make your way to the toll-gate called Calvary…
for this one way flight to Gloryland.

Now this flight is for all those believing,
and our Pilot is Jesus, God’s Son.
And the passengers are all boarded safely;
they’re prepared for that heavenly run.
My brother, don’t let this flight leave without you,
for soon all those who are on board will say “goodbye”.
Make your way to the toll-gate called Calvary,
and secure your reservations in the sky.

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