This song was written and first recorded by Steve and Annie Chapman in 1976. It gained its highest popularity when the Imperials recorded it on their Sail On album in 1977. It is the Imperials version that became one of my favorites.

Steve & Annie Chapman have been traveling, singing, writing and speaking
about family issues since 1975. Annie now considers herself a wife, mother and grandmother… who happens to sing, speak, and write. Steve is a musician, songwriter, author and avid outdoorsman. For over four decades they have shared their family- friendly message through speaking, books, music and videos. They are best known for their marriage enrichment weekends and concerts.
Annie was raised on a dairy farm in Southside, WV; she milked cows and fed hogs in her growing up years. She is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute. Steve is a PK… a preacher’s kid. He was raised in the town of Point Pleasant, WV about 9 miles from Southside, where Annie lived. Their meeting was a memorable event. One day in high school choir, Steve overheard Annie talking to a friend about her brother harvesting an 11-point buck. Steve boldly invited himself to her farm to hunt and you might say the rest is history.
After attending Glenville State College in West Virginia, Steve served in the U.S. Navy and eventually landed in the Nashville, TN area where they have lived since.

In Early 1976, the Imperials hired baritone David Will, who would stay on for 23yrs with the group, and soulful belter Russ Taff as their new lead vocalist. The Taff-led outfit (Taff, Will, Murray & Morales) is heard on the albums Sail On, Imperials Live, Heed the Call, One More Song for You, Christmas With the Imperials, and Priority. It was during this era that the group found their biggest success, both with awards and on the charts.

Eddie Leslie first introduced me to the Imperials at Camp Formosa Youth Camp. I’d never heard music like this. And, though this song was just a throw-in song on their Sail On album – and didn’t reach near the popularity the song Sail On did – it was “Keep on Walkin’” I listened to over and over.

This song speaks to a Christian’s perseverance. When a believer is tempted to quit, he needs to pray… and tell him/herself to “Keep on Walkin’”
Bible Reference… Deuteronomy 8:6; Proverbs 3:5,6; Jeremiah 6:16; 7:23; John 14:15; 2Corinthians 5:7; Galatians 5:16; 6:9; 2Thessalonians 3:13;
Hebrews 6:11; James 1:12; 1John 1:6,7; 2John 1:4,6; Revelation 2:10.


Are you weary in well-doing, walking on the road to New Jerusalem?
Are you hopin’ and a-prayin’; lookin’ any minute for the Lord to come?
And do you see a lot of pleasant-looking places,
where you might lay down to take a rest?
And if you do, take a look at all the faces there;
The sadness will tell you that it’s best… to

Keep on walking… you don’t know how far you’ve come!
Keep on walking… for all you know it may be done!
And the Father might be standing up right now to give the call…
and end it all. Keep on walking!

Now, if you need a feelin’ to keep you on the road you started travelin’ on,
You’re gonna have some trouble learnin’ that it’s faith that keeps you movin’ on.
And then the Lord, He’ll start you off from sinnin’,
but sometimes you have to take a stand.
And standin’s not another word for quittin’;
it’s just takin’ a tighter hold to His hand. (CHORUS 3x)

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